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Topic subjectGhostbusters: Afterlife (Jason Reitman, 2020)
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737166, Ghostbusters: Afterlife (Jason Reitman, 2020)
Posted by bwood, Mon Dec-09-19 10:05 AM

A very underwhelming trailer. Looks like Stranger Things with Ghostbusters.

Plus the fandom kinds killed off any enthusiasm I had for this franchise.
737168, lol I had opposite reaction
Posted by go mack, Mon Dec-09-19 12:10 PM
probably since expected to be underwhelmed. It looks kinda dope to me.
737175, yeah. Plus fuck Jason Reitman
Posted by BigWorm, Mon Dec-09-19 01:38 PM
This is the same dude who passed on the first re-boot, saying that he'd be the wrong person to direct a Ghostbusters movie.

737192, was he up for the reboot? After Ramis died Amy Pascal and Ivan
Posted by tomjohn29, Tue Dec-10-19 01:05 PM
picked Feig
Am I missing something?
737206, yeah, Reitman was first up
Posted by BigWorm, Wed Dec-11-19 07:06 AM
He turned it down.
737210, proof?
Posted by tomjohn29, Wed Dec-11-19 08:59 AM
737227, check imdb
Posted by BigWorm, Wed Dec-11-19 03:42 PM
I don't remember the article that it was in (this was a few years ago), but it's also in the trivia for the last Ghostbusters reboot in imdb.

737176, not the greatest trailer but i like this tone better than a campy comedy.
Posted by Soldado, Mon Dec-09-19 02:02 PM
737195, you mean what Ghosbusters is?
Posted by rdhull, Tue Dec-10-19 03:32 PM
737201, a franchise has never in history been rebooted in a different tone.
Posted by Soldado, Wed Dec-11-19 01:34 AM
not superman, not batman, not 21 jump street, not charlies angels, not the mummy, not the lone ranger, etc.
737191, Holding out for the ghosts
Posted by hardware, Tue Dec-10-19 12:50 PM