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Topic subjectLena Waithe thinks she’s special because she has non-black influences *eye roll*
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736964, Lena Waithe thinks she’s special because she has non-black influences *eye roll*
Posted by lightworks, Fri Nov-29-19 08:13 PM
736969, word. a controversial celebrity thing happened
Posted by Rjcc, Sat Nov-30-19 06:26 AM

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
736971, I expected this messageboard to eat this up
Posted by Mgmt, Sat Nov-30-19 08:52 AM

But you gotta admit this was already posted in GP
736975, Does any Black entertainer stand a chance?
Posted by KingMonte, Sat Nov-30-19 10:41 AM
Jesus Christ.

Trap music and reality tv sail right along, but sharing a personal belief gets you eaten alive.
Black people are going to wind up like politics - smart people won't see the worth of the bother, while every piece of unnecessary shit will step up and wind up representing us.
736984, Sooooo who are these "lil Black Directors"?
Posted by TheRealBillyOcean, Sun Dec-01-19 10:58 AM
737059, Yeah, that's my question too
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Tue Dec-03-19 09:20 PM
Especially since many of the Black directors within this 'new' class - Duvernay, Jenkins, Coogler, Issa Rae, Peele and more - all seem like they pull from non-Black sources.

I mean ALOT of people in Hollywood seem like they have an outsized sense of their importance so I'm not necessarily salty at her for thinking she's above the issues other filmmakers have. But I'm interested to know thw work she feels is too 'genre-based'.
737062, where's the part where she says the thing in quotation marks?
Posted by Mynoriti, Tue Dec-03-19 11:26 PM
Or the part where she says she's special?
737127, exactly. *eye roll*
Posted by Damali, Fri Dec-06-19 08:21 PM