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Topic subjectTitans Season 2 (DC Universe)
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736853, Titans Season 2 (DC Universe)
Posted by Wordsmith, Fri Nov-22-19 08:37 PM
Giving some of the content in the DC Universe streaming service some spin. Season 1 showed some promise although I think they're trying to hard to make it dark. For Season 2, they've added an older Bruce Wayne/Batman character, Rose Wilson (daughter of Deathstroke), Deathstroke the Terminator (played by Esai Morales), Jericho and Superboy.

They're juggling a ton of storylines, and at times it seems like they don't have the technology to pull off the sheer magnitude of the storylines from the Wolfman/Perez DC comics canon (i.e. - Trigon), but overall, I'm at least appreciating the attempt and effort to flip some of those classic storylines from the Teen Titans 80's comic golden age.

About halfway through the season at the moment. Will come back once I finish.