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Topic subjectWaves (Shults, 2019)
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736745, Waves (Shults, 2019)
Posted by Frank Longo, Fri Nov-15-19 01:34 AM
Been getting absolute raves. Saw it tonight. I thought the first half was cliched, bordering on *bad,* but the second half is ultimately worth the journey. Taylor Russell is extraordinary, and Sterling K. Brown is also really good. Plus the soundtrack is really terrific throughout. Worth a look for those looking to support indie cinema.
736771, Looking forward to seeing it
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Sat Nov-16-19 02:36 AM
736835, The most visceral movie experience I've had in 2019
Posted by nicq, Thu Nov-21-19 12:54 PM
Absolutely shattering portrayal of a family in crisis, haven't sobbed like that in a good long while. From the opening shot it's abundantly clear that Shults interned for Malick, but holy shit does he know how to marry his eye to your heart. And his taste in music is absurdly well-refined. See it in a theater while you can.
736855, I really wanted to enjoy this... but I walked out about halfway through
Posted by CherNic, Fri Nov-22-19 09:34 PM
736867, lmao, I *legit* almost walked out at that exact time.
Posted by Frank Longo, Sat Nov-23-19 06:49 PM
I'm glad I stayed, as I enjoyed the second half way more than the first. But glad I'm not alone in feeling that way.
736872, i looked up a few reviews when I got home, including yours
Posted by CherNic, Sun Nov-24-19 09:31 AM
Like maybe EYE was trippin. But naw.... and my friend who stayed said it got way better, but that first half...yeesh
736954, This movie is bullshit.
Posted by bwood, Thu Nov-28-19 03:19 PM
Just finished my DVD screener and honestly my brother and I wanted to turn it off even before the halfway point. And yes while the second half is better, it's still trash.

I have a lot to say about using a black family about telling this story, but I'll wait and marinate on it some more.

Why the fuck was this shit called WAVES?

And why have a Trent and Atticus score if it's gonna be drowned out by Frank Ocean and a million needle drops?