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Topic subjectGodfather of Harlem (Forest Whittaker)
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736722, Godfather of Harlem (Forest Whittaker)
Posted by Wordsmith, Thu Nov-14-19 10:24 AM
Extremely solid series. Well cast, well-written and the brother playing Malcolm X is exceptionally on-point. Diggin' a lot of the underlying historical narratives as well. I've enjoyed binge watching this one.
736738, i think it sucks
Posted by thegodcam, Thu Nov-14-19 07:04 PM
looks like law & order episodes using key figures in Black History
736746, I’m liking it a lot
Posted by ProgressiveSound, Fri Nov-15-19 04:47 AM
Yeah, the Malcolm part is impressive.
736757, I tapped out after 4 or 5
Posted by Mynoriti, Fri Nov-15-19 12:31 PM
If the writing was even half as good as the actors and premise, this show might be something special. Instead its painfully mediocre

736761, I tried
Posted by navajo joe, Fri Nov-15-19 02:48 PM
the hip hop soundtrack was a terrible fucking look and sank it pretty much right of the gate.

the writing was subpar too

Damn shame, my uncle used to tell me about Bumpy and about Malcolm and to see that brought to the screen was so exciting. But yeah, I'm good.
736797, yeah the soundtrack is super annoying
Posted by Mynoriti, Mon Nov-18-19 03:58 PM
Peaky blinders might be the only show I've seen that's been able to pull off contemporary music in a period piece but here it's just distracting and cringey. Especially since theres so much amazing music from this era. Instead it seems like they turn the last scene from each ep into a music video
736802, yeah man, how you have a show with Malcolm and the songs
Posted by navajo joe, Mon Nov-18-19 07:53 PM
are like "I KILL NIGGAS!!"

fuck that shit man.