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Topic subjectRE: great season. my only complaint
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736632, RE: great season. my only complaint
Posted by JiggysMyDayJob, Sat Nov-09-19 08:24 PM
>was the Grace ghost stuff. those scenes were momentum
Yea that stuff just was useless, I get they're trying to show Tommy losing his grip on things but it would be better just to put him back on opium.

>Mosley is a great "villain".

The best villain on the show since Tom Hardy. I was surprised it was one of the Hunger Games folks. Dude was killing it the entire time and knowing the history of Oswald Mosley and British fascism, just made it that much better. He leaned into that shit to the point I thought son was Henry Cavill at first

>I normally hate the use of contemporary music in a period
>piece but somehow it feels right in this show.
Man FWMJ tweeted about that, guess they got budget upgrade and it works.

>Arthur is a such a cartoon but jesus I fucking love that guy.
How can someone not love Arthur. He's a total loon, but fuck if he isn't entertaining.

Can I just leave a little shout out to Polly though? That's a bad woman. I was sorry to see Little FInger go, with her son being a dick with his mob'd up wife Polly needed that win.