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Topic subjectWatchmen (HBO Series)
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736376, Watchmen (HBO Series)
Posted by Voodoochilde, Sun Oct-20-19 09:39 PM
well, I was pleasantly surprised by that first ep...

I wasn't sure what I expected really....but, if I'm honest , I kinda went in giving it a little 'side eye' due to the Lindelof connection (my wife is STILL salty about Lost)....but then again, I ALSO KNEW Regina King was gonna do her thing, and she did NOT disappoint...

but yeah, that first episode has me intrigued....so I'm in, for now**

(as I recall, LOST also had me intrigued at the start too, but then had to tap out of THAT after season 2 or 3 because I felt they were just winging it at that point....

so, we'll see how this Watchmen progresses...but, yeah, ep 1 has me interested in seeing whats coming next....

have you listened to
her stuff?


RIP David Williams: