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Topic subjectRE: did Jesus Walks really shake America? I always skip that track
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736286, RE: did Jesus Walks really shake America? I always skip that track
Posted by howisya, Fri Oct-11-19 02:15 PM
>& Never Let Me Down. Not even trying to be TOKPR but why that
>song...why not Through The Wire?

watch the show! but i know what you mean, i was thinking the same. yes, it was a single, but it's not my favorite either. i liked it, but now i appreciate it even more. i think "through the wire" could have been interesting for a few minutes, delving into the sample and the backstory behind the song, but to fit the runtime of the episode it'd have to be a de facto early kanye bio. this episode covered that but kept it in context of the song, which has enough layers to easily fill the hour. so if you are interested in that era of kanye and the roc then this episode is worth watching regardless of its exact focus. that said, the song sounded fresh to me after not listening for a few years, and it kind of has an edge to it.

>Anyway....I'll watch the Elevators and Alright episodes for

"elevators" should be good and i hope a nice complement to the organized noize doc of a few years back.