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Topic subjectokayplayer has a show (kinda) - hip hop: the songs that shook america
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736186, okayplayer has a show (kinda) - hip hop: the songs that shook america
Posted by howisya, Wed Oct-02-19 02:50 PM
executive produced by ?uesto, black thought, and shawn gee along with alex gibney among others, on AMC as part of its visionaries series. if you have fond memories of the musical jewels and hip-hop tales shared on thissite, this one's for you.


the first episode has been available at the above link and elsewhere for a few weeks now, and it's on "jesus walks." i put off watching it, somehow unable to muster the enthusiasm, but i needn't have. as might be expected from the pedigree listed above, it's brilliant. i used to be such a fan, and i still learned a lot. the well-known but still enjoyable vintage footage was put to great use alongside new talking head interviews and location shoots. it's a nostalgia trip that is more importantly well done and informative. i thought it might be stretching my interest to focus an entire episode on one song, but by the end i could have easily watched more.

honestly, AMC visionaries is some of my favorite programming on tv right now, and i devour every series. this looks to be no exception. i've seen a little preview of the season but am avoiding looking ahead to exactly what's coming up. i just know it will be good. it starts officially on the 13th.