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Topic subjectyeah I assumed Will was never coming back
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736035, yeah I assumed Will was never coming back
Posted by BigWorm, Thu Sep-19-19 12:40 PM
As it was, I was surprised that he'd take a supporting role like that. Maybe he thought the movie would do much better and he'd get a spin-off film?

I would guess either they can't afford him this time around, or someone he trusts told him to get off that train, regardless of the director.

Either way, I think Gunn can do a MUCH better job than Ayer. TBH, I don't think Ayer's a good writer OR director. I looked through his filmography and basically Harsh Times was the only movie of his I dug. Bright was just embarrassing.

Maybe Warner/DC ruined his original vision for Suicide Squad, but I'm not that convinced that his original vision would have been that much better. It definitely wasn't the super villain Dirty Dozen that everyone wanted.