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Posted by JiggysMyDayJob, Wed Oct-16-19 02:40 PM
>he's easily my favorite in this season.
>you might view him differently since you're going backwards,
>but even though here were shades of the Sully we see now, he's
>more of a ruthless, reckless asshole in early seasons. I like
>how they've developed him.

Sully was easily the biggest villain in previous seasons. He was a murder hungry ass dude that was quick to pop off. They really showed some growth of the character (not that he still ain't quick to murder) starting with his dealings with Modie in prison (more tempered than previous seasons). But I think that was the whole point of S3, the OG Summerhouse crew were all in their mid-thirties and had grown old and maybe even a bit wary of being on the road. Compared to the Zet Tee's who were basically the younger versions of them