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Topic subjectspoilers... it was okay...
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735996, spoilers... it was okay...
Posted by High Society, Sun Sep-15-19 10:51 PM
Spoilers below, I watched entire season.
It’s too much of a whirlwind, one too many twists & turns kind of show for me.
I like shoes where the writing is a bit more of a slow burner.

I read a review that said it was heartbreaking... nah not really.
Everyone got out pretty clean...

Jamie was able to take wrap, brother didnt get the 15.

Jamie’s youngest brother’s friend, was able to survive... his mama’s strength able to protect her boy. Maybe they have to leave the city, but he didn’t die.

The lesbian’s sister makes it out the city, paid for by Dushane.

Jamie isn’t gonna spend much time locked up.

The woman connect is business as usual.

The only real casualties were the Jamaican cousin and the rat in the crew who deserved to go.

Like I said, nothing too major, no WOW - can’t believe they wrote X character off show.

Oh - actually - the kid in the fire. Forgot about him.

I hated the very ending...
The police have the pin up board and the whole crew is already known,
top down. So we don’t get to see any of the work needed to be done to collect that info?

Come on, I hate that.