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Topic subjectThink that's kinda the point lol.
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735778, Think that's kinda the point lol.
Posted by Brew, Tue Aug-27-19 08:38 PM
>RE: skinny pete is not super memorable or interesting

It's very on brand for the BB team to drop "easter eggs" for long time fans to pick up on, throughout BB and subsequently Better Call Saul. I know Skinny Pete doesn't exactly qualify as an "easter egg" but it's in the same ballpark.

And if you've never seen BB then you wouldn't/shouldn't care about this movie ... yet. And therefore the trailer for a movie like this isn't really designed for you, whether you recognize a character in the trailer or not.

If you have seen BB then you are more than likely an avid fan and therefore would know who Skinny Pete is right away. If you don't remember Skinny Pete then you should prolly revisit the series before watching the movie haha.

(At the risk of stating the obvious, all the "you"s above are general not specific to you).

I appreciate that they didn't go overboard with the teaser. It's called a "teaser" for a reason. Supposed to be sort of ambiguous IMO.