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Topic subjectThe Report (Burns, Starring Adam Driver 2019)
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735687, The Report (Burns, Starring Adam Driver 2019)
Posted by navajo joe, Thu Aug-22-19 06:00 PM

Good lord is that a hell of a cast. Driver has been getting Oscar buzz off this since it premiered at Sundance.

I'm a sucker for procedurals and while 9/11 focused films have largely not done well I think now that there aren't a glut of them and given the current moment we are in politically in this country this could do well.

735700, Turns out the secret code is the same nursery he told his daughter
Posted by 81 DUN, Fri Aug-23-19 07:50 PM
That's the ending of this movie
736958, Excellent
Posted by navajo joe, Thu Nov-28-19 10:42 PM
Really well done.

This would make a great double-feature with Zero Dark Thirty as an examination of both films and both films perspectives given their respective distance from the events. Also they are very similar in a number of ways in terms of structure.

Adam Driver is one of my favorite young actors. Annette Benning is great as Feinstein and they do an excellent job of casting in terms of John Brennan and a number of other real life people involved.

One of this year's best films
737016, Pleasant surprise this was on Prime
Posted by josephmurf2384, Tue Dec-03-19 12:41 AM
I enjoyed this a bunch.
737125, John O’Neill and Ali Soufan have been brought up a lot this year
Posted by High Society, Fri Dec-06-19 08:01 PM
In this... whole series on Hulu Looming Tower...

737135, Really good, sturdy legal thriller. Well-acted.
Posted by Frank Longo, Sat Dec-07-19 12:51 PM
Maybe a bit speechy and a bit cornball at times, but some sequences (like the Powerpoint about the torture methods) were really terrifically handled.