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Topic subjectThe Righteous Gemstones (McBride/Hill, 2019)
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735635, The Righteous Gemstones (McBride/Hill, 2019)
Posted by navajo joe, Tue Aug-20-19 07:16 PM

First episode was great. I question Adam Devine's stardom every single time I see him but he works here. Edi Patterson is doing the most once again. I can already tell Keefe is going to be gold. Can't wait for Goggins to show up.

So many great little line readings/moments/touches
735847, Walton Goggins is a national goddam treasure
Posted by navajo joe, Sun Sep-01-19 08:35 PM
735863, Yeah, he was amazing this last episode.
Posted by mrhood75, Tue Sep-03-19 01:29 PM
Dude killed it in every scene.
743299, Season two started up last night, folks.
Posted by Numba_33, Mon Jan-10-22 11:49 AM
I noticed the first two episodes were available last night on HBO Now. I only watched the first episode. I wonder how off the wall Eric Andre's character will be this season.

I hope Walton Goggins' character is as unleashed as he was in the first season. Dude put on a comedic tour de force in that first season. Pretty impressive given that he's mostly known for his dramatic roles from The Shield and Justified.
743305, Eric Roberts is spectacular so far
Posted by Roadblock, Mon Jan-10-22 09:35 PM
Roberts and John Goodman killed their scenes
743425, Looks as if the show
Posted by Numba_33, Mon Jan-24-22 11:17 AM
is going the same route the second and third seasons of Eastbound and Down went in terms of establishing more dramatic themes. There weren't that many laugh out loud moments in the last two episodes IMO. The storyline resolution for Baby Billy was quite quite dark.

I wonder how many seasons this show will run for.
743677, Season 2 but somehow feels like season 7
Posted by Mynoriti, Wed Feb-23-22 02:55 AM
it still has its moments and a some laughs but the storylines this season all play like a show that has pretty much run out ideas.

the only character who consistently cracks me up is Judy, and they'v hardly given her anything this season. Instead we get 10 minutes a week of Kelvin and that corny muscleman shit.
743709, I think they're trying to speed up stuff
Posted by JiggysMyDayJob, Fri Feb-25-22 09:42 AM
It's getting more serious and into the heartfelt parts. Looks like their trying to bring the Gemstone clan together to face whomever ordered the hit on Eli.

At first I thought it was Eric Andre and his wife, but something gave a hint that it could be Jesse's wife. She's too ambitious and they way she was going at Jesse about taking over and the talk with Edi and Baby Billy's wife seems like she's had ambitions of taking over for some time.

My only other suspect is that group of pastors from Ep 1 that wanted to start that G.O.D.D. thing, maybe they are trying to take Eli out so they can start up that project, but I'm doubtful.

The Kelvin and muscle men stuff went on too long but I did like they finally wrapped it up.

I figure by this Sunday we get all the answers and Eli is going to probably die on the stage during church.

The shit with Baby Billy and his son was great. Perfect stunt casting to play the adult version of his son too.
743712, not enough Baby Billy either
Posted by Mynoriti, Fri Feb-25-22 02:50 PM
the whole Harmon thing is perfect, especially this last ep

Judy and her husband started out hilarious this season but they've been sidelined to babysitting Billy's baby mama

It was weird the whole Eric Andre thing just went away. I suspected Jesse's wife briefly too but i dunno.

but damn this show as a whole feels stale to me and there's no reason it should
743713, Baby Billy is the the low key star
Posted by JiggysMyDayJob, Fri Feb-25-22 03:21 PM
Walt Goggins is a fucking national treasure, dude just brings it every time as Baby Billy.

I'm glad they moved away from Judy and her husband a bit, I wanted the storyline to have her husband stand up to her but he's still her bitch. Judy's loud and crazy needs to be contained some and I love Edi Patterson (like risk it all love)

I mean it has to be Eric Andre, it's the only thing that makes sense. I would assume that he killed his father to take over the church and now is trying to do the same so Jesse can take over and they can get that Timeshare money.

I don't know if it's stale, I just think it's taking a slower pace to set the stage for the future of the series since it's getting a third season.
743721, Definitely needs more Baby Billy
Posted by mrhood75, Fri Feb-25-22 07:06 PM
He was the best thing about the last two episode. Everything involving him shilling the lotion is great. Plus interacting with the eldest Culkin as his son.

>It was weird the whole Eric Andre thing just went away. I
>suspected Jesse's wife briefly too but i dunno.

Seems like they're brining it back this final episode. I do think it's the wife with Eric Andre who tried to kill Eli. And I think it's Jesse's son who killed Jason Swartzman. There's a whole lotta weird shit there that hasn't been explained.

The dark horse candidate for trying to kill Eli is the guy who shattered his leg trying to kill himself in the first episode.

>but damn this show as a whole feels stale to me and there's no
>reason it should

I think there's so little active plot. And too much time with the closetted son and his strongmen.
743733, We were wrong
Posted by JiggysMyDayJob, Mon Feb-28-22 01:56 AM
Eric Andre and his wife were crazy. They did it all and the Jason SWartzman thing was just too damn funny.

The Young Gun shit was funny as hell to me for some reason.

Shouts for John Amos though, it’s always good to see James Senior.
743736, Finale knocked it out the park
Posted by Mynoriti, Mon Feb-28-22 03:24 AM
i was definitely starting to sour and this pulled me back in
743741, I wished that was the series finale.
Posted by Numba_33, Mon Feb-28-22 11:46 AM
Hopefully the next season with either be the last one or the story telling will get better because some of the jokes and storylines are starting to get stale IMO.

I suppose Baby Billy being a father to his son will be a good storyline to delve into next season. Beyond that, I dunno what else there is to tell that'll be interesting.
743742, See, I told you
Posted by JiggysMyDayJob, Mon Feb-28-22 12:15 PM
They ended everything great. Eric Andre and his wife doing the Young Guns thing was too funny. The Gemstone family rolling in as snowmobile ninjas was a funny touch.

Schwartzman coming out with the Glock yelling "I'm from Brooklyn motherfucker was great." It was nice seeing that Lisson was basically Jesse but much much ambitious and much more dumber.

I've never been a Jonas brother person but the Joe Jonas and Kief at the port a potty was pretty funny. Actually the whole port a potty thing was fucking great.

At this point I need a Baby Billy spinoff. I'm sure the net season will be the last and will probably end with the Gemstones facing off against the other pastors after Eli dies, but damnit give me a Baby Billy spinoff!
743749, That wasn't the Gemstones on the snowmobiles. (spoiler)
Posted by Frank Longo, Mon Feb-28-22 05:45 PM
At least, they didn't indicate it was. I think it was pretty clearly Eli sending in the motorcycle ninjas to finish off their former father figure. But maybe I missed something.
743753, RE: That wasn't the Gemstones on the snowmobiles. (spoiler)
Posted by JiggysMyDayJob, Mon Feb-28-22 06:23 PM
>At least, they didn't indicate it was. I think it was pretty
>clearly Eli sending in the motorcycle ninjas to finish off
>their former father figure. But maybe I missed something.

All white snowmobiles, which is the Gemstone motif, coupled with Martin was on look out it appeared to be them. Also the one shooter had a sniper rifle and I saw a peak of red hair behind the helmet leads me to think that was Amber.

I'm more than likely wrong, but why wouldn't the Gemstones do it themselves? It would make more sense than paying the motorcycle ninjas to do it. I feel like Eli wouldn't want to leave a liability like that out there in the world, just like he buried Glendon under the rollercoaster. Gotta protect the family.

It would've been more gangster if they did it though

743755, Yeah, I'd say with certainty it wasn't the Gemstones
Posted by mrhood75, Mon Feb-28-22 07:11 PM
And that it was motorcycle ninjas, who were pissed at him for stiffing them on the money, and whatever he did to them earlier (which Schwartzman alluded to).

The Gemstones aren't going to Alaska to kill them. Most can barely drive cars, much less snowmobiles. And, aside from Ali, don't have the experience/constitution to get into a gun fight.

It was the biker kids.
743754, Keefe is the JarJar of this show to me
Posted by Mynoriti, Mon Feb-28-22 07:08 PM
i can't staaand that dude's whole presence
but damn if him and Kelvin didn't dial up that creep meter in that last scene with the workout kids lol

like Longo, i assumed it was the moto kids that took out Andre and his wife. if it was the gemstones, there's no real reason not to show it.

743757, Yeah, as luke-warm as I was on everything non-Baby Billy and Eli...
Posted by mrhood75, Mon Feb-28-22 07:14 PM
...this season, that finale made up for a whole helluva lot.

Eric Andre was great and it made me really wish there was a lot more of him this season. Like, maybe they could have shown him and his wife watching "Young Guns" at some point.

And yeah, the final Alaska shoot-out was great, as was Lyle's fate.

I forget, did Lyle or his wife mention the motorcycle kids at in those first couple episodes during their conversations with Jesse and Amber?