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Topic subjectMindhunter Season 2
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735581, Mindhunter Season 2
Posted by Roadblock, Fri Aug-16-19 06:08 PM
Loved season 1

Season 2 Starts slow. Picking up as I watch episode 3. Hope it keeps on.
735587, I'm almost done
Posted by navajo joe, Sat Aug-17-19 08:47 AM
I hate this season's Tench subplot so fucking much. Fuck I hate it.

The handling of the march sequence was so stylistically jarring that I think actually would work so well....on a different show. This show is so stylistically consistent that to see something that is SO stylistically different is especially jarring. Whatever, I'm just happy to see Carl Franklin directing something high-profile.

Sister w/ the glasses is fanfuckingtastic and needs to be in all the things.

Herriman was almost unrecognizable (despite knowing it was him) except for the times Manson sounded like Dewey Crowe. The Tex Watson interview was just as interesting.

Shout out to Cameron Britton. He's so goddamn good. I watched his final eye-widening like 4 times it was so perfect.

In both seasons show crackles when it sticks to the crimes and the criminals and suffers when it focuses on the family/relationship lives of the three leads but Anna Torv has the only interesting subplot between the two seasons which is nice to see.

More thoughts later but those are initial things that I wanted to speak on.

735594, I got 3 episodes left
Posted by bwood, Sun Aug-18-19 01:49 AM
Loving this season so far. They wasted no time getting back into things.
735610, Between this and the Atlanta Monster podcast
Posted by JFrost1117, Mon Aug-19-19 03:12 PM
Wayne Williams is probably the most annoying person to listen to. Props to dude portraying him.
735769, lol i listened to that podcast last year and i agree
Posted by wrecknoble, Tue Aug-27-19 01:24 PM
this actor did a great job of being just as irritating as the real Wayne Williams

i'm also glad that this season focused more on Tench and his family issues, as opposed to Ford and his romantic life / panic attacks.

Wendy's side story was just OK to me.

i kind of wish this season had more interviews with the killers - those are what made the first season so damn interesting.

i wonder if there will be a season 3?
735759, Really good. Maybe not quite at level of first
Posted by calminvasion, Mon Aug-26-19 11:45 PM
All three main characters are so strong.

Old dudes 7yold is the scariest character in this. Is he acting or did they just get a kid with those issues. If the former, wow.

I spoke to an old head at lunch today and he lived thru that time in ATL as a young father of a young girl and it was a scary time. I also don’t think he’d appreciate the portrayal of mayor Jackson and his team.
735808, Fantastic, just like the first season. Top-level TV.
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu Aug-29-19 10:49 AM
McCallany is an all-timer FBI agent in TV/movies. He looks, acts, feels, even dresses exactly like real FBI agents. Everything he does is precisely like every FBI agent I've ever known.

The writing is great. The directing, with names like Dominik and Franklin (!), is obviously great. Such tension for a show that's mostly people sitting and talking. They can make a twenty-minute scene feel like five minutes. Unreal.
735953, Man this show gets me every time.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Tue Sep-10-19 01:39 PM
I remember last season being frustated the first 2 or 3 episodes (why are we seeing people feed their cat and why does everyone speak so diliberately)? And then the back half of the series not being able to watch episodes fast enough.

Damn this show disturbs me. Have me wondering if I am a latent serial killer for getting sucked so much into the interviews.

And the interviews. Nothing like them on tv. How can they think we would be interested in their dating life when there are those interviews to get back to.
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735977, I just finished the season
Posted by nipsey, Thu Sep-12-19 08:27 PM
It was excellent. The Atlanta Child Murders storyline was amazingly compelling. I didn't mind Wendy's storyline. Although they pushed it to the side the last few episodes and Anna Torv had nothing to do. Bill's wife was beyond annoying though. First with her being in denial that her "sweet little boy" was a creepy @$$3d killer. Then with her getting mad at Bill like it's his fault. Then bouncing while he's away at work. Eff her.