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Topic subjectA Black Lady Sketch Show (HBO, 2019)
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735477, A Black Lady Sketch Show (HBO, 2019)
Posted by placee_22, Mon Aug-12-19 11:47 AM
I don't know, fam...

I want it to be good. It definitely has potential. Y'all watching?
735506, here to support
Posted by jdub1313, Tue Aug-13-19 12:20 PM
only caught the last half of the second ep. DVR deleted the pilot for some reason.

Basic ball was very funny, and the killing it mug thief. Missed the hood wedding with the bearded chick so i gotta re-watch tonight.

it was funny to me *shrugs*
735513, Not bad. I'll watch this season
Posted by spenzalii, Tue Aug-13-19 03:39 PM
Only nitpick is some of the sketches feel like they run a little too long. But that's typical of these shows when they first start out.
735518, Sketch shows always take a bit to find their footing.
Posted by mrhood75, Tue Aug-13-19 04:44 PM
So I’ll give this show time to grow.

As said above, the Basic Ball is an unequivocal winner. And the mug thief worked too. And the “Hertep” sketch last week was really funny.

There’s definitely potential here.
735534, The Basic Bitch support group was great.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Wed Aug-14-19 12:38 PM
I haven't seen them meet that level just yet.
I'm willing to give them some time.
737231, I just binged this - it was a B+ for me
Posted by SuiteLady, Wed Dec-11-19 08:46 PM