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Topic subjectIt's Kind Of Overdue But Now It's Not Really Wanted
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735579, It's Kind Of Overdue But Now It's Not Really Wanted
Posted by Dj Joey Joe, Fri Aug-16-19 02:23 PM
>I'm keeping my expectations low until I
>get a reason to get excited.

A few years ago Eddie & Arsenio explained why they didn't do a sequel for mad years cause of false lawsuits, so I was fine with that, now it's talks of them doing one.

I agree with the main poster, I'm keeping my expectations very very low until I see it in theater; cause I doubt they have been plotting, writing, & rewriting this story all this time, I bet they just started writing one a few years ago.

These days movies have been more about well-known casting rather than good writing, I rather have a bunch of unheard of actors doing a part well, than having A-List-ers all up in the movie doing the same thing they do in every movie they have been in.