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Topic subject'Coming 2 America' Cast Grows a Few Stars Stronger... (OKP swipe)
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735470, 'Coming 2 America' Cast Grows a Few Stars Stronger... (OKP swipe)
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Sun Aug-11-19 10:12 PM
I'm keeping my expectations low until I get a reason to get excited.

One thing which grabbed my attention is that Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow) is directing the movie. One, and I know it shouldn't matter but, he's White. Like there aren't any Black directors who couldn't direct this. And two, has he made a straight comedy before? I'll see it regardless but these were just some thoughts.

'Coming 2 America' Cast Grows a Few Stars Stronger, Adds Teyana Taylor, Leslie Jones and Louie Anderson


Coming 2 America's roster is expanding by the day.
In case you haven't been keeping up, pre-production on a Coming To America sequel is well underway.

Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones, and Paul Bates, are already locked in to reprise their roles from the beloved 1988 buddy comedy. Kiki Layne (If Beale Street Could Talk) has been cast as Prince Akeem's daughter and Wesley Snipes as the leader of a neighboring nation. Rick Ross is somehow somewhere in the picture as well.

But according to a report from Collider, the cast is once again a few stars stronger. The latest additions to the roster include Teyana Taylor, Leslie Jones, Michael Blackson, and Louie Anderson returning as Maurice.

An early synopsis of the film (per The Hollywood Reporter) finds Akeem returning to the states in search of a newly-discovered son (Jermaine Fowler) living in Queens with his mother (Leslie Jones.) With his father on the outs and the throne to inherit, Akeem heads back to America to deliver the King a new prince to groom.

Production begins this month with Craig Brewer in the director's chair and a script from black-ish creator, Kenya Barris, eyeing a December 18, 2020 release date.
735479, Is Shari Headley not signed on for this yet?
Posted by soulfunk, Mon Aug-12-19 12:29 PM
Because she isn't mentioned, and I don't see how they could do this without her...
735480, Brewer just did Dolemite is My Name w/ Murphy/Snipes
Posted by navajo joe, Mon Aug-12-19 12:41 PM
so that probably has a lot to do w/ that choice
735493, I just read the post about that movie
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Tue Aug-13-19 12:18 AM
And what you said makes sense since Brewer and Eddie now have shared some moviemaking experience. The shorthand they developed probably will make this sequel that much easier on both of them.
735579, It's Kind Of Overdue But Now It's Not Really Wanted
Posted by Dj Joey Joe, Fri Aug-16-19 02:23 PM
>I'm keeping my expectations low until I
>get a reason to get excited.

A few years ago Eddie & Arsenio explained why they didn't do a sequel for mad years cause of false lawsuits, so I was fine with that, now it's talks of them doing one.

I agree with the main poster, I'm keeping my expectations very very low until I see it in theater; cause I doubt they have been plotting, writing, & rewriting this story all this time, I bet they just started writing one a few years ago.

These days movies have been more about well-known casting rather than good writing, I rather have a bunch of unheard of actors doing a part well, than having A-List-ers all up in the movie doing the same thing they do in every movie they have been in.

735672, some of the casting choices scream potential flop
Posted by spirit, Wed Aug-21-19 10:23 PM
A lot of broad comedy cats in there. Brewer isn’t a comedy director. I can’t remember the last movie I’ve seen with the classic Eddie comedic spark. My expectations are low and I wish them well.


Spirit (Alan)