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Topic subjectRE: Two reasons, I think
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737122, RE: Two reasons, I think
Posted by dagu, Fri Dec-06-19 01:46 PM
>One, people are really mad that they cut the songs. I don't
>know why because other than "I'll Make a Man Out of You" the
>rest is really forgettable.

You don't like "Reflection?"

And on the topic of songs this is another thing that gives even more reinforcement to my "but why remake it" stance. Why would I want to hear Emma Watson signing the songs I like from Beauty and the Beast? If I want to hear the songs the original movie is still there. The instrumental arrangement of "Reflection" in this trailer sounds great and the inclusion of elements from the original legend are just the type of change that make a remake worth it to me. Not adding backstory to try to make Gaston more sympathetic or casting Kevin Hart as Mushu (because you know that's what it was going to be).

>Two, the Hong Kong thing.

I thought about the Hong Kong thing but when I watched the trailer yesterday and scanned the comments I didn't see any mention of it.