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735401, RE: you asked...(long read)
Posted by navajo joe, Sat Aug-03-19 06:40 PM

>After learning a great deal about film in college, were you
>able to still enjoy movies? Or did knowing the ins and outs
>even deepen your pleasure watching movies / TV?

I definitely appreciated/enjoyed even more as a result. If anything it was working in production that detracted from some of the joy I found in film. I mean, when you realize a lot of what's going up on screen isn't a result of artistic genius or even intent but because of constraints completely outside the control of people above the line, it's quite an awakening. But even then the fact that anything is made that's not complete trash is kind of admirable.

>Yeah, I miss those days alot. Granted, back in the time you're
>mentioning, 10, 12 years ago, we were just happy to talk about
>film or TV and soak up one another's opinions and viewpoints.
>We were probably just happy to know we weren't the only people
>into obscure, off the beaten path entertainment.
>At some point we partly aged out of the years when we had
>hours and hours of free time to watch film and dissect them
>here. And then like you said some posters tried to become
>personalities and the in-depth discussions became less
>I wish the boards somehow captured a younger generation of
>posters, posters who are really into film who have a fresh
>take on things. I always thought the best part of the boards
>were the wide variety of posters and that some mainstays
>remained but new posters floated in to recharge the

How we got here was a result of multiple factors for sure. I mean I am nowhere near as engaged with film as I once was largely because as a grown ass man who is not involved in the industry in anyway that pays money, I don't have time nor inclination. And in all honesty, those days are never coming back. How we interact online is different now and content is largely disposable anyway with the rise of streaming. We had a good run though.

>You mentioned that you wouldn't go back to NY so I take that
>as a sign you decided to transition into another line of work.
>Are you still a filmmaker?

I would never say I was ever a filmmaker, I worked locations on some films and TV shows and did some other odd jobs on other projects along the way. But no, I left film/tv back around 2008-9. I dipped back in for a few months to do some commercial work right before leaving the city in 2012.