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735379, isolation, intelligence, curiosity, access
Posted by howisya, Sat Jul-06-19 08:49 PM
>I remember watching movies as a kid, maybe 10 or 11, and
>fantasizing about being an actor. That ended in junior high
>when I took this afterschool stage class and bombed... HARD.

actor was one of the career aspirations i had as a child as well but never pursued it

>After that I used to watch movies and try to think like an
>editor or director would. Which camera angles worked best?

how would you know from the finished product?

>In college a friend of mine invited me to audit a film studies
>course. The class watched a couple of classic movies (North by
>Northwest was one I remember). But I didn't enjoy the
>pretentious of the class. I was more into popcorn movies at
>the time and valued movies that had artistic integrity but
>weren't self-indulgent like many of the films the teacher
>seemed to revere.

i understand this viewpoint less as i increasingly "become literate in cinema". these WERE the popcorn movies at the time. they show the fundamentals of film. i'm with you on people who would pay to take a film studies course being pretentious as shit though.

>And this place helped alot with my understanding of film.
>There's a great deal of knowledge here and it's been
>interesting to get different perspectives and outlooks on the
>films that come out from year to year.
>So what about you?

just exposure, and i agree, this place helps a great deal.