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Topic subjectRE: frequented the cinema section of the used bookstore
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735378, RE: frequented the cinema section of the used bookstore
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Sat Jul-06-19 07:18 PM
>in broker and more boring times. I wouldn't say I know
>anything about the technical aspects of cinema, but the more
>you see the more you sort of absorb with a critical eye.

>it's like eating ice cream. the more, and better, ice cream
>you eat, the more able you can discern what's
>average/good/excellent. but I still don't know how to *make*
>ice cream.

Appreciating cinema seems more accessible via observation than music or even abstract art. Like you said over time you're able to distill the basics behind a great scene or engaging action.

But simply watching movies I don't think makes a fan of the art knowledgable about movie making in any real way. Even though films, TV series, and filmmakers are covered more than at any time, filmmaking seems undercovered.

Like most average people who have a surface level understanding of acting have a knowledge of 'The Method'. But speaking for myself, outside of knowing that an actor who is a Method actor doesn't break character even off camera, I have no idea how The Method affects the actors performance of if it even helps.

But you could say that about most aspects of pop culture. The end product is marketed really well but the tedious details involved to make the art or to direct a team to a win aren't what most fans crave to know.