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Topic subjectI caught The Corner young, kept with The Wire
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735355, I caught The Corner young, kept with The Wire
Posted by Nodima, Thu Jul-04-19 01:02 AM
Read the books and compared and contrasted against the screen.

Then Hulu came along as I was graduating high school, and for a while it had the Criterion Collection, and I watched a lot of Japanese cinema.

I was always critical, though. If I'd get an open assignment of any kind in school, I tried to make it about the music I was listening to and the life I was experiencing, or hearing about, or seeing on screen.

But I'd say that David Simon, and the fact I happened to click with The Wire's first season so heavily at the age that I was, was the primary factor. But I keep a Hulu subscription I don't use just because those early years were super valuable to me for figuring out how to articulate what I like about a show or movie in the same way I could music.

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