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Topic subjectCarole & Tuesday
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735234, Carole & Tuesday
Posted by hardware, Mon Jun-17-19 11:09 AM
i feel like this warrants a post since its Watanabe's baby, in Netflix jail, and involves a LOT of musicians. All the songs appear to be original too as far as i can tell and they're mostly really good.

Flying Lotus
Eirik Glambek Bøe (Kings of Convenience)
Evan "Kidd" Bogart
Tim Rice-Oxley (Keane)
Jen Wood
Maisa Tsuno (Akai Ko-en)
Benny Sings
☆Taku Takahashi(m-flo)
Maika Loubté
taro umebayashi
Madison McFerrin
Taylor McFerrin
Mark Redito
Alison Wonderland
Steve Aoki

The story so far is really good too. as of writing this we're on the episode 10 fucking cliffhanger.
735981, it's out on Netflix
Posted by hardware, Fri Sep-13-19 01:28 PM
i suggest not binging it if you can help it.
736221, Finished season 2. This is legit the best anime about music
Posted by hardware, Sat Oct-05-19 01:49 PM
of all time. So many wheels turning and it all just came together.
736224, I wasn't much of a fan.
Posted by Steve O Tron v2, Sun Oct-06-19 10:45 AM
I really enjoyed Crystal's song ("Unbreakable"), and the features by Thundercat and Denzel Curry were cool, but it felt like Watanabe tried to throw in too many themes and plotlines that were hastily resolved. Watanabe using contemporary social issues about immigration/refugees was okay, but the way it was done didn't impress me that much. And the show made the pop songs seem like they'd be amazing, but they were pretty generic, and this is coming from someone that does enjoy pop music. In regards to music anime, I think Nodame Cantabile is still my favorite, unless you want to count K-ON! as a music anime.
736228, i think the theme was basically acceptance
Posted by hardware, Sun Oct-06-19 06:54 PM
and music being the throughline

i thought all the songs were wayyyyy better than they should have been for what it is. i don't think too many of them blew me out of the water, but i think they more than did a really good job of sounding like they'd be hits in a fictional universe.