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Topic subjectFord v Ferrari (James Mangold, 2019)
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735139, Ford v Ferrari (James Mangold, 2019)
Posted by bwood, Sun Jun-02-19 07:51 PM

Damn. This shit looks dope as fuck.
735140, Yup
Posted by justin_scott, Sun Jun-02-19 10:02 PM
can't wait.
735148, This looks GOOD!!!!!
Posted by KnowOne, Tue Jun-04-19 12:21 PM
735821, Seeing raves out of Telluride
Posted by bwood, Fri Aug-30-19 07:20 PM
Can't wait
736776, A solid dad film.
Posted by bwood, Sat Nov-16-19 03:54 PM
Your dad will love this shit. It's very entertaining if by the numbers.

Six years ago, this would've been a blockbuster.

Shout out to James Mangold for his direction and shot compostion tho. Espcially the racing scenes. Them shits were aces.