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Topic subjectThe Goldfinch (John Crowley, 2019)
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735115, The Goldfinch (John Crowley, 2019)
Posted by bwood, Wed May-29-19 12:23 PM

I read the book and my first thought was that if this was made into a movie, it'd win Best Picture.

We'll see if it happens b.
735118, And the Best Picture Oscar goes to...
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Wed May-29-19 09:31 PM
Looks amazing.
735930, First reviews out of Toronto are rough
Posted by bwood, Sun Sep-08-19 08:58 PM
Seems like they completely fucked this up.
739264, It was okay. Watched on Prime.
Posted by SuiteLady, Mon Aug-17-20 09:08 PM