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Topic subjectDefinitely set to go either way (spoilers, I suppose?)
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745714, Definitely set to go either way (spoilers, I suppose?)
Posted by spenzalii, Mon Aug-15-22 09:46 AM
S4 was closer to S2 in terms of quality. Better than S3, which had some potential but became extremely confusing. On a whole, I enjoyed this season, and could watch S5 if it was greenlit, but they should probably give them a 10 or 13 episode run to finish the story and end the series

S5 would have to be all about the Sublime, which has always been an intriguing major storyline (what do the hosts do in AI heaven?) that has barely been scratched. There are a few fan favorites that didn't make it, but considerably the 'Storyteller' could bring them back in the Sublime for whatever tale she has.

I do wonder where the hosts in Hale's world were 'transcending' to, as it couldn't have been to the Sublime. Probably another thread to never get picked up.