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738645, im out...
Posted by Voodoochilde, Wed May-06-20 07:40 AM
after what (i thought) was a strong START....this season completely fell off for me. quite simply, i couldnt 'feel' anyones motivations...they didnt do a good enough job of telling the story in a way to get me to root for, or resent/root against, ANYones motivations. So i wasnt invested & didnt care and the whole thing just became kinda 'fake-cool' corny to me. Seemed like it was trying REALLY hard to have what they THOUGHT were 'cool scenes', but instead they came off as forced, and sometimes at the expense of logic and previous character strengths/characteristics.

the world building, set-work and special effects were all EXCELLENT though....LOVED that part of this season. Just wish the storytelling would have been solid and compelling enough to pull me in.

so yeah, i think im out for next season.