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Topic subjectI think the 8 ep season wasn't for the best
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738641, I think the 8 ep season wasn't for the best
Posted by spenzalii, Tue May-05-20 05:15 PM
Too much to set up with all the parties without a lot of payoff. I suppose The Sublime plays a huge part in the next season. But how they handled Bernard (and why even bring in Stubbs) was not good, even if it pays off next season.

How Delores copied/cloned herself over the other hosts never really was explained. So while I'm fine with Hale breaking off from Delores, how that worked (and who she was working with, Serac? Maeve?) is quite muddy. Is she going to Ultron the remaining world? Who knows

Still, I enjoyed the season if only on a surface level. I'll watch S4 to see how it plays out or ends.