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Topic subjecti had the same thoughts as you did
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738516, i had the same thoughts as you did
Posted by Ashy Achilles, Mon Apr-20-20 02:41 PM
>Far more engaging than Ep 5 "Genre", which was pointless.


>I'll miss seeing "Charlotte" grow away from Dolores through
>bonding with her family, but we needed a catalyst so here we
>are. That little kid was adorable. (How did Serac's dude blow
>up the car? Is he a host?)

i wanted to see that tension develop, but i hope they make this loss have a real impact on the relationship

>I can't believe I'm saying this, but they're making Maeve
>boring. A dramatic shot her body being regenerated isn't
>impactful because she's constantly getting killed and
>regenerated. It's whatever.

i felt bad for thinking this last night too