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Topic subjectSeason3 is definitely better than 2...
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738332, Season3 is definitely better than 2...
Posted by Voodoochilde, Tue Mar-31-20 05:40 AM
(was stellar, must see!)

(some good stuff in there, but they got too 'cute' with its presentation and seemed to be trying TOO hard 'blow yer mind' or surprise us with 'reveals', and I think the basic/main storytelling suffered because of it. Season2 is required viewing for season3 though, We ended up having to watching Season2 twice just to get the gist of things. )

Season3 (so far)
(Back to form! Its a different show than season1 for sure, but its different in a horizontal way, so I'm good with those differences. The story telling is tight and focused again, the characters and motivations are clearer and more satisfying than Season2.... and the visuals and world we're in now are really Really cool. Tessa Thompson, Evan Rachel Wood, Thende Newton & Jeffrey Wright are ALL doing great work here (SPECIAL shout out to Tessa in this past Sundays ep tho....man she was FANTASTIC!)

so if you liked season1, but weren't a huge fan of season2...dont give up..its worth it to .jump back in on season 3!