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Topic subjectWestworld Season 3
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735020, Westworld Season 3
Posted by bwood, Tue May-21-19 06:55 AM

I might be one of the only people who liked Season 2.

With that said a whole season in the real world with Aaron Paul and Lena Waithe pulling heists and being wild disillusioned? And Kid Cudi in this marking a reunion with Aaron?!

Shit I'm all in.
735028, Man I'm excited
Posted by JiggysMyDayJob, Tue May-21-19 02:01 PM
You forgot to mention Marshawn Lynch is part of that crew with Lena and Aaron.
735034, Can I watch S03 if I skipped S02?
Posted by dgonsh, Tue May-21-19 03:56 PM
The trailer hooked me but they lost me after s01. I didn't check for s02 at all. Clearly Evan Rachel Wood got out...thats where I'm at lol
735036, idk? I mean, it doesn't make any more sense after S2 so probably
Posted by Rjcc, Tue May-21-19 06:08 PM

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
735045, As painful as it'll be
Posted by Numba_33, Wed May-22-19 08:36 AM
you should watch the second season as more things unfold that don't involve Evan Rachel Wood's character.

I do wonder if bingeing the second season makes for a better experience since you won't have to sit around for extended time periods to sit and ponder at how silly the story lines are.
735048, Did Season 2 ever get good?
Posted by seandammit, Wed May-22-19 12:01 PM
Loved first season but was so let down by the first 2-4 episodes of Season 2 that I walked away and never looked back
735052, define good. it never made sense but it had some better episodes later
Posted by Rjcc, Wed May-22-19 03:41 PM

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
735114, i feel like mr robot and westworld following similar arcs
Posted by GriftyMcgrift, Tue May-28-19 06:02 PM
very strong season 1

almost borderline nonsensical season 2

mr robot season 3 was great for me and westworld looks very interesting
738053, Westworld | Official Season 3 Trailer
Posted by j0510, Thu Feb-20-20 08:54 PM
Westworld | Official Season 3 Trailer

738054, Season 2 was such a clusterfuck I might treat this as an entirely new show
Posted by kwez, Fri Feb-21-20 05:01 AM
I can barely remember a thing about last season that's how muddled it was after a brilliant first season
738055, I really want to watch this for Marshawn
Posted by CherNic, Fri Feb-21-20 10:14 AM
but I'm so flabbergasted by the Lena Waithe phenomenon....I also didn't watch S2 so this will probably be easy to ignore
738216, No lie. I was bored.
Posted by bwood, Mon Mar-16-20 09:34 AM
Last night is the first time that I've been bored out of my mind watching this show.
738219, 1st ep was just setting some of the chess pieces
Posted by spenzalii, Mon Mar-16-20 03:25 PM
With most of the focus on Jessie Pinkman you have to figure he will be playing a big roll through the season. Ep.2 probably is more setup ass all ple players aren't shown.

Even with the slow setup there were some interesting bits with Bernard. Wondering who is in Charlotte's body and which other control units were smuggled out.

I'm in for the season
738332, Season3 is definitely better than 2...
Posted by Voodoochilde, Tue Mar-31-20 05:40 AM
(was stellar, must see!)

(some good stuff in there, but they got too 'cute' with its presentation and seemed to be trying TOO hard 'blow yer mind' or surprise us with 'reveals', and I think the basic/main storytelling suffered because of it. Season2 is required viewing for season3 though, We ended up having to watching Season2 twice just to get the gist of things. )

Season3 (so far)
(Back to form! Its a different show than season1 for sure, but its different in a horizontal way, so I'm good with those differences. The story telling is tight and focused again, the characters and motivations are clearer and more satisfying than Season2.... and the visuals and world we're in now are really Really cool. Tessa Thompson, Evan Rachel Wood, Thende Newton & Jeffrey Wright are ALL doing great work here (SPECIAL shout out to Tessa in this past Sundays ep tho....man she was FANTASTIC!)

so if you liked season1, but weren't a huge fan of season2...dont give up..its worth it to .jump back in on season 3!
738431, just binged 1-4 and spoilers....
Posted by shamus, Sat Apr-11-20 07:42 PM
I don't understand how the man in black/William is back. Didn't we leave him somewhere trapped for eternity at the end of S2?

Also, I know it's her character's "curse" or whatever, but if I could never see Meave killed again it would be too soon.

I was hoping the host inside Charlotte was actually Teddy. Alas.
738440, i kind of don't care anymore
Posted by Ashy Achilles, Mon Apr-13-20 02:58 PM
but i'm going to continue watching
738441, It's pretty.
Posted by Nopayne, Mon Apr-13-20 03:28 PM
It's also pretty dumb.

I kept asking myself if that whole car chase scene would have had anything going for it if it didn't have the genre drug angle to carry it along.
738494, the genre stuff seemed pointless
Posted by Ashy Achilles, Thu Apr-16-20 08:08 AM
the car chase wasn't exciting
only 3 episodes left, though
738514, ehhh...sad to say but: Fonzie, meet Shark....
Posted by Voodoochilde, Mon Apr-20-20 06:33 AM
...i dont know man...after what i thought was a solid start at the BEGINNING of season 3, for me these last 3 episodes were pretty bad...like, CHEESY-bad...like approaching jump-the-shark bad...

i am gonna watch till the end, but, really, at this particular point, "I dont care anymore" ®Phil Collins

have you listened to
her stuff?


RIP David Williams:
738515, Ep 6 "Decoherence"
Posted by shamus, Mon Apr-20-20 10:12 AM
Far more engaging than Ep 5 "Genre", which was pointless.

I'll miss seeing "Charlotte" grow away from Dolores through bonding with her family, but we needed a catalyst so here we are. That little kid was adorable. (How did Serac's dude blow up the car? Is he a host?)

I can't believe I'm saying this, but they're making Maeve boring. A dramatic shot her body being regenerated isn't impactful because she's constantly getting killed and regenerated. It's whatever.

But at the end of the day, everything that's not about telling me what Rehoboam is actually doing is a distraction and I'd very much like them to get to the point already.
738516, i had the same thoughts as you did
Posted by Ashy Achilles, Mon Apr-20-20 02:41 PM
>Far more engaging than Ep 5 "Genre", which was pointless.


>I'll miss seeing "Charlotte" grow away from Dolores through
>bonding with her family, but we needed a catalyst so here we
>are. That little kid was adorable. (How did Serac's dude blow
>up the car? Is he a host?)

i wanted to see that tension develop, but i hope they make this loss have a real impact on the relationship

>I can't believe I'm saying this, but they're making Maeve
>boring. A dramatic shot her body being regenerated isn't
>impactful because she's constantly getting killed and
>regenerated. It's whatever.

i felt bad for thinking this last night too
738629, A transitional season
Posted by bwood, Sun May-03-20 09:22 PM
Setting up whatever the rest of this show ends up being. Lots of blod choices in that finale. Let's see if they pay off.
738635, I mostly enjoyed this season but I didn’t really care for the finale
Posted by calij81, Mon May-04-20 11:45 AM
Perhaps they needed one more episode to really stick the landing there because the finale felt rushed.

The score was also boring.
738641, I think the 8 ep season wasn't for the best
Posted by spenzalii, Tue May-05-20 05:15 PM
Too much to set up with all the parties without a lot of payoff. I suppose The Sublime plays a huge part in the next season. But how they handled Bernard (and why even bring in Stubbs) was not good, even if it pays off next season.

How Delores copied/cloned herself over the other hosts never really was explained. So while I'm fine with Hale breaking off from Delores, how that worked (and who she was working with, Serac? Maeve?) is quite muddy. Is she going to Ultron the remaining world? Who knows

Still, I enjoyed the season if only on a surface level. I'll watch S4 to see how it plays out or ends.
738645, im out...
Posted by Voodoochilde, Wed May-06-20 07:40 AM
after what (i thought) was a strong START....this season completely fell off for me. quite simply, i couldnt 'feel' anyones motivations...they didnt do a good enough job of telling the story in a way to get me to root for, or resent/root against, ANYones motivations. So i wasnt invested & didnt care and the whole thing just became kinda 'fake-cool' corny to me. Seemed like it was trying REALLY hard to have what they THOUGHT were 'cool scenes', but instead they came off as forced, and sometimes at the expense of logic and previous character strengths/characteristics.

the world building, set-work and special effects were all EXCELLENT though....LOVED that part of this season. Just wish the storytelling would have been solid and compelling enough to pull me in.

so yeah, i think im out for next season.
738647, I honestly don't blame you
Posted by bwood, Wed May-06-20 09:38 AM
All of your problems with it are why for most of the season I was left bored and disengaged.

If I didn't enjoy those last 2 episodes as much as you did, I'd probably jump ship as well.
738648, If the next season isn't the last one, I'm with you.
Posted by Numba_33, Wed May-06-20 09:56 AM
The show feels as if it makes up rules to govern consequences for the characters out of thin air and it's pretty hard to get too invested into the characters at this point. Assuming the ratings are high for the show, I can see the show runners and HBO wanting to continue down this meandering story telling style also, so I dunno if the next one will be the last.
745670, Do folks here still watch?
Posted by Numba_33, Wed Aug-10-22 02:30 PM
I tapped out at the end of the third season.

Based on the fact it appears to majority of the characters either are or can be made to become robots, I can't see myself watching this again. Just seems way too easy for the show runners to make up rules as the show goes along and there aren't any limitations to what the characters can overcome in terms of drama.

Anyone here still on board for what the show is selling? If so, am I way off base with my assessment?
745672, I've heard that season 4 is as good as season 1.
Posted by stravinskian, Wed Aug-10-22 02:46 PM

And it's always followed by a "no really, it is!"

So I'd like to get back into it. I kinda completely missed season 3, though, and I'll feel compelled to slog through that first. (Maybe I'll love season 3, I dunno. I usually like the controversial and/or unpopular seasons of shows.)
745678, Haven't watched this week's episode yet, but I've generally kept up
Posted by mrhood75, Wed Aug-10-22 06:26 PM
Season 4 is better than Season 3. Probably better than Season 2. It does some of the things that Season 1 did very well which make it a decently entertaining but tense watch.

I will say that it's completely misanthropic world-view gets a bit draining. They've improved a bit in that area, but the nihilism get make it a slog at times.

I will say that no matter what, this should be the final season. There's no many places to go, story-wise, especially considering how things are progressing.
745711, Thanks for the response.
Posted by Numba_33, Mon Aug-15-22 07:39 AM
If and when you watch the last episode for this season, please let me know if it was a season finale or a series finale in your opinion.

A small part of me wants to watch this season, but only if this was the last season. I don't want to get led along a meandering set of storylines because the show runners can just make things up as they go along and cash their hefty HBO checks.
745713, Last ep could be season or series finale
Posted by JiggysMyDayJob, Mon Aug-15-22 09:19 AM
No word if it's going to get picked up. The way the last ep was laid out it could be the end of the series or a season finale. Honestly, I just want it over, all the cast I enjoyed is basically gone.

This last season was just too much and such a downer for me. It feels like Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan hate humanity too much. Lets see how bleak their Fallout series will be
745714, Definitely set to go either way (spoilers, I suppose?)
Posted by spenzalii, Mon Aug-15-22 09:46 AM
S4 was closer to S2 in terms of quality. Better than S3, which had some potential but became extremely confusing. On a whole, I enjoyed this season, and could watch S5 if it was greenlit, but they should probably give them a 10 or 13 episode run to finish the story and end the series

S5 would have to be all about the Sublime, which has always been an intriguing major storyline (what do the hosts do in AI heaven?) that has barely been scratched. There are a few fan favorites that didn't make it, but considerably the 'Storyteller' could bring them back in the Sublime for whatever tale she has.

I do wonder where the hosts in Hale's world were 'transcending' to, as it couldn't have been to the Sublime. Probably another thread to never get picked up.
745867, They were just getting rid of their human bodies
Posted by Mafamaticks, Mon Aug-22-22 04:06 AM
745866, Finished the fourth season. Don't really get the point anymore
Posted by mrhood75, Mon Aug-22-22 02:40 AM
Again, it's unremitting negatively is beyond a fucking drag. The writers complete misanthropy has lowered the stakes to the point of non-existence. They seem to be setting up for one final season, but the "why?" seems convoluted and pointless. And I know that "dead" means incredibly little on this show, but they seem to have written off just about everyone.

Part of me thinks they shouldn't even bother with a final season.
745868, Yeah I'm good where it's at too
Posted by Mafamaticks, Mon Aug-22-22 04:16 AM
All of the OG characters are dead like 3 times over. Humanity is basically wiped out. Whatever happens next season will all be a simulation so it ain't no real stakes involved. And the riots happened off-screen.
746517, Canceled
Posted by Sponge, Fri Nov-04-22 06:44 PM
746520, I was going to give season 4 a chance
Posted by herbiehowsermc, Sat Nov-05-22 08:33 PM
but this is probably for the best.
746521, Shame. Wanted them to finish the story
Posted by spenzalii, Sun Nov-06-22 01:47 PM
S3 was all over the place but S4 was a bit more focused. I think the long pause between seasons (and coming off the weird that S3 was) killed most interest.