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Topic subjectI loved it.
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733601, I loved it.
Posted by Hitokiri, Thu Feb-14-19 02:48 PM
I enjoyed this film about as much as I enjoyed Blindspotting -- my favorite film from last year.
Andre Holland absolutely killed it.
Zazie, killed it.
The client felt so believable, in his portrayal of that kind of ball player.
I did not at all care that there wasn't much (any?) music. I hate that hollywood films use music to tell you how to feel instead of letting the scene or the acting speak for itself.
I did feel like we were being set up for a climax that did not come in the way we thought it would, it felt like there would be a big showdown with the league or something, but I didn't at all mind that it didn't play out like that. It didn't need to and I was more than satisfied with the conclusion.
It's the film to beat in 2019 for me so far.