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Topic subjectThe arguement can be made that it isnt that fleshed out
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733597, The arguement can be made that it isnt that fleshed out
Posted by tully_blanchard, Thu Feb-14-19 09:59 AM
But I think that's what I liked about it most.

As soon as Ray realized they were trying to push him out of the agency I saw exactly where the movie was going (the trailer/preview that Netflix forces on you told me little to nothing about the movie, which is why I watched it).

I like that conversations are had between people that you really dont know who they are at first (funny meeting you here Bill...head of waste management..why would I...the city planner have a drink with you in front of the entire city council...I HATE that shit)..so it requires you to put things together...to pay attention.

I like how the "bible" at the end is really the point of the whole movie...yeah, it feels a little anti-climatic, but it's like watching the Meryl Strep movie "Doubt" and (spoiler), the bombshell is "I HAVE DOUBT"..dramatic music stab...fade to black...roll credits.

It's a business movie...about the business of basketball..I loved it.


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