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Topic subjectIs Zach Quinto that LARGE? lol
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733585, Is Zach Quinto that LARGE? lol
Posted by Nodima, Wed Feb-13-19 11:38 AM
His scene with Holland made Quinto look like an Absolute Unit®. Is he bulking up (or weight loading) for some other role? That blew my mind. Bill Duke towered over Holland later in the movie too.

I like the script and the energetic stage-acting style they went for, but like I said above the camera made a lot of the scenes have this sort of uncanny valley feel I'm sure was intentional but I found distracting at the end of the day. That stageplay feel also sort of distracts from the bigness of what this conversation is; I feel like this kind of topic would need more of an HBO political thriller kind of ensemble to really get a feel for the topic.

But as straight up entertainment? It's Soderbergh, so you know. I enjoyed every moment of it.

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