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Topic subjectShaft (Tim Story, 2019)
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733521, Shaft (Tim Story, 2019)
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Sat Feb-09-19 01:08 AM
Trailer dropped today.


On paper this seems interesting. Story is a solid director. Sam Jax was made to play Shaft and Regina Hall is always good. This movie wasn't needed but neither are most reboots and the world still turns around okay.

But this trailer does not do anything good for this movie.
733524, Tim Story is not a good director.
Posted by bwood, Sat Feb-09-19 06:20 AM
He's the black Brett Ratner.

733533, This is a pretty apt comparison
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Sun Feb-10-19 10:43 PM
>He's the black Brett Ratner.

I mean I like his movies. But I couldn't put him up there with Jenkins or Spike or Ava. He doesn't seem like he's trying to make 'A'rt, just relatively entertaining movies.

But I admit to having bad taste at times.
733547, Looks whatever like the last one except without Bale and Rush
Posted by Mynoriti, Mon Feb-11-19 04:06 PM
which was the only halfway interesting thing about the last one
733551, You mean “Wright”, not “Rush”.
Posted by Eff That, Mon Feb-11-19 06:59 PM
But holy shit what a movie it would have been with Geoffrey Rush playing Peoples Hernandez.
733552, Lol yeah my bad
Posted by Mynoriti, Mon Feb-11-19 07:58 PM
>But holy shit what a movie it would have been with Geoffrey
>Rush playing Peoples Hernandez.