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Topic subjectSerenity (S. Knight, 2019)
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733497, Serenity (S. Knight, 2019)
Posted by benny, Wed Feb-06-19 05:26 PM
lmao what in thee actual fuck was this. Like a tribute to 90s revenge/sex thrillers that no one asked for, yet somehow is ridiculous enough to stay entertaining throughout. McConaughey plays it like he's an entirely different movie while Jason Clarke must have gained 20lbs from all the scenery he chewed. I'm still puzzled as to why Hathaway and Lane are in this. Truly the kind of movie AMC $5 Tuesdays was made for
733498, From my other post: I genuinely loved how insane it was.
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Feb-06-19 05:31 PM
If you like inexplicable films with hammy performances and WTF twists, then do yourself a favor, DON'T READ ABOUT IT, just go buy a ticket this week before it leaves theaters. It's an absolute delight.
733499, daps
Posted by benny, Wed Feb-06-19 05:46 PM
733549, dang it didn't even make it to a 2nd weekend in my area
Posted by benny, Mon Feb-11-19 05:56 PM

>just go buy a ticket this week before it leaves theaters. It's
>an absolute delight.