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Topic subjectDiablero (Netflix)
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733487, Diablero (Netflix)
Posted by BigWorm, Wed Feb-06-19 11:03 AM
A friend recommended this as the "Mexican Supernatural"--which immediately got my interest. That's a pretty on point description. It's even about fighting demons; said demons also enter and leave bodies via black smoke. But there's enough originality where it's not just a rip off.

There's only one season on Netflix, but it's very binge worthy.

Some of the CGI/special effects are a little iffy. But a lot of it is well done, and the characters are all pretty well developed, where you want to follow along on their story arcs.

I would most definitely watch a second season.

Really if Supernatural and Grimm are/were in your wheelhouse, you will probably dig this. It's not amazing, but a really fun time.