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Topic subjectCaught about four episodes over the past week with my sister
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733503, Caught about four episodes over the past week with my sister
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Wed Feb-06-19 10:54 PM
On one hand, I can't say anything bad about it. The premise is interesting, the acting is good. It's well-written both in terms of continuity and humor.

But I can't get past the perception that the show is just a modern retelling of Groundhog Day. Like my sister can't keep raving about it and all I think of is, 'This is just derivative of Groundhog Day.'

It could be because the show starts centered on the woman and I don't feel (or an comfortable admitting) that I'm much like her. I think if the series focused on the guy, I'd be more into it. Not that the show can't be centered on a woman for me to relate, but I think its that, like the guy-reincanter, her personality is on the opposite spectrum from his (and mine).

That being said, Natasha is funny and the side characters are interesting as well. Maybe after watching the rest of the season, it'll grow on me.