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Topic subjectRussian Doll (Amy Poehler, Netflix, 2019)
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733479, Russian Doll (Amy Poehler, Netflix, 2019)
Posted by Castro, Tue Feb-05-19 10:32 PM
This is the shit. That is all.
733501, It's really good
Posted by nipsey, Wed Feb-06-19 08:39 PM
And has a lot in common with "The Good Place" in that explores relationships, what it's like to be a good person, and other philosophical and existential questions. I enjoyed it a lot, despite me not quit getting the ending.

733512, 2 eps in
Posted by BigWorm, Fri Feb-08-19 08:53 AM
I like it so far. I didn't know that o' girl from Orange is the New Black was the star (one of my fav characters from the show, next to Tasty).

At first the humor in it wasn't really my thing. But once it got going I was into it.

They aren't overdoing it with the Groundhog Day thing (yet), so pacing it out and changing her actions is at least keeping it from retreading that same ground of being pretty much all-knowing after living out every possible scenario of that day.

Plus I'm happy with the in-and-out 8 episode count. I'll make short work of it.
733503, Caught about four episodes over the past week with my sister
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Wed Feb-06-19 10:54 PM
On one hand, I can't say anything bad about it. The premise is interesting, the acting is good. It's well-written both in terms of continuity and humor.

But I can't get past the perception that the show is just a modern retelling of Groundhog Day. Like my sister can't keep raving about it and all I think of is, 'This is just derivative of Groundhog Day.'

It could be because the show starts centered on the woman and I don't feel (or an comfortable admitting) that I'm much like her. I think if the series focused on the guy, I'd be more into it. Not that the show can't be centered on a woman for me to relate, but I think its that, like the guy-reincanter, her personality is on the opposite spectrum from his (and mine).

That being said, Natasha is funny and the side characters are interesting as well. Maybe after watching the rest of the season, it'll grow on me.
733510, Yes this was great. Binged last weekend.
Posted by Brew, Thu Feb-07-19 09:34 PM
Ended up in a rabbit hole about Natasha Lyonne's struggles w/drugs in the mid-2000s and was shocked. I'm sure I'd heard about all of it in passing at the time but I obviously completely forgot about it. She's fortunate (a) to have survived, but (b) that it all took place just before iPhones/social media. Cause from what I was reading she was legit in like the courtyard of her housing complex all strung out when fans ran into her and shit. Sad stuff. Glad she made it thru.
733511, check your spoilers yo
Posted by BigWorm, Fri Feb-08-19 08:46 AM
At least just type *Spoilers* in the subject, mayne.
733516, Ha nah my post is all about the real life of the main actress, not ...
Posted by Brew, Fri Feb-08-19 10:32 AM
... a storyline of the show. Haha.
733517, lol my bad
Posted by BigWorm, Fri Feb-08-19 10:51 AM
733518, Haha all good - it was a mistake in pursuit of a worthy cause.
Posted by Brew, Fri Feb-08-19 12:08 PM
I've played spoiler before on a college friend email chain I'm on, pertaining to The Sopranos and subsequently Breaking Bad ... so when I first saw your post I was certain that I'd screwed up again, and was pissed at myself.

Was glad to see I hadn't haha but I still support your efforts, better safe than sorry.
733527, Who Love Drugs more than me? 'Nobody.'
Posted by Castro, Sat Feb-09-19 11:17 PM
733568, Fascinating theory on the underlying meaning of the show SPOILERS
Posted by Brew, Tue Feb-12-19 03:29 PM
Lyonne even seemingly co-signs it in the comments. I was saying to my buddy earlier that I subconsciously knew there was something to the 80s/early 90s aesthetic, and all the seemingly random things like the homeless dude/his shoes, the parade a the end, etc. And I had kind of been hoping someone would put it all together for me at some point lol.

733580, That ending kinda got to me. They really wrapped it up beautifully.
Posted by kevlar skully, Wed Feb-13-19 10:52 AM
I'm still kinda choked up thinking about it. That last thing that Nadia tells Alan about not being alone.... fuck man, I'm ready to cry right now thinking about it lol
733631, this was cool
Posted by mista k5, Mon Feb-18-19 10:33 AM
not great but pretty good. shot episodes, only 8 episodes long. worth watching. it took me a few episodes to really get into it. i couldnt see where they were going with it until 3/4 episodes in.
733635, I enjoyed it. And now that Gotta Get Up song is stuck in my head.
Posted by Quas, Mon Feb-18-19 11:47 AM
733660, maybe because I was nodding off, but I didn't get the last ep
Posted by BigWorm, Tue Feb-19-19 03:11 PM
I didn't know if it was supposed to be open ended or what. I couldn't tell if they gave it an abstract ending in case it was greenlit for a second season or what.

I liked that last montage with the Carnivale stuff and the split screen. And I definitely like that song by Love. But I didn't really get that as an ending to the story.

Maybe I need to rewatch it. I was half asleep and just took pain meds so maybe it wasn't the right time to watch some of that thinking man shit.
733666, There's a good recap I read after seeing the last ep that helped.
Posted by Brew, Tue Feb-19-19 10:23 PM
Cause originally I didn't fully grasp the final ep either, despite liking it for the most part. I couldn't really figure out what the message was.

I'll have to look back and find it but if/when I do I'll post it up for you. It definitely helped me tie up the loose ends/misunderstandings I had.