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Topic subjectTHE EXPANSE question
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733452, THE EXPANSE question
Posted by fontgangsta, Mon Feb-04-19 04:56 PM
*spoilers ahead if you've only seen the show*

So could the entire Laconia shit have been avoided if Jim (Naomi in the show) never gave Fred Johnson their protomolecule sample, since that's what Duarte and Cortozar used to start up the orbital shipyards in the Laconia gate?

I'm almost done reading Persepolis and this question has been bugging me.
733455, I didn't read the message but I do have a question
Posted by Paps_Smear, Mon Feb-04-19 06:29 PM
I really wanted to read something sci fi next and I've been hearing a lot about this series. Is it a hard yes for a sci fi fan or do you find it varies?
733460, ive never talked to anyone that tried it and didnt like it
Posted by fontgangsta, Tue Feb-05-19 09:46 AM
i watched the show first
blazed thru the 3 seasons that are out and immediately started at the beginning w the books
the books are better (as always) but i actually like that i watched the show first just to put faces on the characters.

at any rate, im not even a big reader, and ive made it thru all 7 of the books since season 3 ended. they're super engaging.
733485, Probably not.
Posted by WarriorPoet415, Wed Feb-06-19 10:41 AM
I mean, look at the lengths they went to in order to get the sample from Johnson. You think they would have stopped and been like "fuck it" otherwise?

"To Each His Reach"


Fuck aliens.
733491, fair point, but what were their other options tho?
Posted by fontgangsta, Wed Feb-06-19 02:15 PM
that was the last active sample in theory right?