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Topic subjectSPOILERS --- If you haven't seen this don't read.
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733464, SPOILERS --- If you haven't seen this don't read.
Posted by Dae021, Tue Feb-05-19 11:01 AM

- Ok so I'm thinking you're a church of later day saints, and B got you skiing penis so you're embarrassed and could potentially get excommunicated. So he scared, but to the point where you let this dude take your daughter.

- The momma let b rub up on her boobs, then came back and let him smash for like 2 months on some "ok this is too much we've got to stop" he already got what he wanted. He got EVERYTHING, dick, ass, and your daughter's undying love and her virginity.

I'm like everyone here needs to go to a corner and chill for a bit.