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Topic subjectStandoff at Sparrow Creek (Dunham, 2018)
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733275, Standoff at Sparrow Creek (Dunham, 2018)
Posted by navajo joe, Fri Jan-18-19 10:37 PM
Best film I've seen in a LONG time. I honestly think this is better than Reservoir Dogs which is probably the film most will compare it to. But it is a far more grounded film and all the better for it.

It owes a heavy debt to Mamet and even has shades Shane Carruth's Primer's visual aesthetic. Every frame is a painting and the performances are uniformly fantastic especially James Badge Dale who does the vast majority of the heavy lifting. It's a pulse-pounding thriller that actually makes your heart pound in your chest. It's a monster of a debut film and I'm in for anything Dunham does next.

Oh and it has one of the best trailers of the year too:
733297, damn, it was between Destroyer and this one for me this week
Posted by benny, Mon Jan-21-19 08:01 PM
went to see Destroyer (loved it) but I might try to catch this one if it stays another week. Always enjoy James Badge Dale, he should be in more things
733300, if you can see this in the theaters definitely do it
Posted by navajo joe, Mon Jan-21-19 09:18 PM
i would in a heartbeat

how was Destroyer?
733305, I'm a sucker for LA crime movies but it was good
Posted by benny, Tue Jan-22-19 09:39 AM
>how was Destroyer?

Kidman is astounding, but the whole cast does heavy lifting. And there's a couple nods to Heat, including an impromptu heist, that reminded me I need to check for Kusama more
733298, this was damn good from beginning to end.
Posted by Reeq, Mon Jan-21-19 08:04 PM
one of the more perfect casting jobs on recent memory.

thanks for the heads up. i didnt even know it existed til this post.
733299, my pleasure, glad you dug it!
Posted by navajo joe, Mon Jan-21-19 09:18 PM
yeah i have been recommending this to my film friends since Friday.
733311, This is the third time I've heard of the film this week....
Posted by rorschach, Tue Jan-22-19 07:01 PM
It's on the watch list.

733318, saw it last night, thanks for making this post! (mild spoilers)
Posted by benny, Wed Jan-23-19 09:24 AM
it took me a bit to get into it, but I reaaaally dug the atmospherics (at one point I was even wondering if there was a dystopian element to the story, I mean there kinda is when it comes to militias but you know what I mean, when they learn what is going on outside). Great staging of these confrontations, and a fantastic use of dark cinematography, as well as sound design. The payoff was really worth it, even if part of me was wondering when this damn standoff was gonna happen haha
736301, I thought it was damn great.
Posted by will_5198, Sun Oct-13-19 02:09 PM
taut (129 minutes!) and moved with great pace. the premise is very relevant these days -- unfortunately -- and the script/cinematography worked very well together.

you can rent it for $1 on Amazon Prime right now (seems to be a deal every several months).