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Topic subjectLuther season 5...
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733119, Luther season 5...
Posted by KnowOne, Thu Jan-03-19 04:01 PM


AM I the only one watching? First two eps were great!! This is what I was expecting from season 4.

733120, damn I forgot this was coming
Posted by PG, Thu Jan-03-19 05:16 PM
problem with netflix is I start watching so many things that I forget about them while waiting for new episodes after I'm all caught up... I'll check in for this one thanks for the reminder.
733122, RE: Luther season 5...
Posted by xangeluvr, Thu Jan-03-19 06:16 PM
>AM I the only one watching? First two eps were great!! This is
>what I was expecting from season 4.

didn't realize each episode would come out a day apart. i just caught ep1 yesterday and thought i'd have to wait till next week for ep2. sweet, i see ep3 also out already.
733125, it's actually interesting now that you know who is back
Posted by Ray_Snill, Fri Jan-04-19 01:19 AM

733127, just wish it wasnt spoiled in the promos...
Posted by KnowOne, Fri Jan-04-19 09:29 AM
it would have given the end of ep 1 more impact.
733145, I didn't know anything prior to watching
Posted by inpulse, Mon Jan-07-19 09:00 PM
so that scene definitely had that impact.

Came completely out of nowhere for me.
733146, I really liked this season.
Posted by inpulse, Mon Jan-07-19 09:02 PM
Maybe my favorite since the first. Kind of felt like they fully embraced the ridiculousness that the show has become.

Feels like a comic book detective show.
733149, CoSign
Posted by KnowOne, Tue Jan-08-19 09:04 AM
733191, First 2 episodes are great, loving it so far. Luther has the
Posted by IsaIsaIsa, Sat Jan-12-19 01:59 PM
worst luck ever lol!

733198, Had no idea it dropped already. Great return to form.
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Sun Jan-13-19 12:52 AM
733199, where are you all watching this? Stateside or over-the-pond?
Posted by Voodoochilde, Sun Jan-13-19 09:10 AM
733202, Premiered over the pond already, so its leaked on the interwebs.
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Sun Jan-13-19 09:37 PM
733200, Many thanks for this post.
Posted by Numba_33, Sun Jan-13-19 09:17 AM
And also thanks for the folks for the positive reviews as well. I just watched the first episode and I'm about 10 minutes into the second. It appears the show is back in very solid form, which is great since the third season for this show was beyond terrible. Great for this show to get back on solid ground.
733209, actually had a pretty satisfying finale
Posted by Ray_Snill, Mon Jan-14-19 07:09 AM
like how they left it open but it still final final too

733220, If there's another season
Posted by Numba_33, Mon Jan-14-19 06:19 PM
I would imagine it'll be the shows last given the substantial body count in the last two episodes. So nice how much story was covered in just four episodes. I truly wish more American shows did shorter seasons, but given the huge budgets TV shows are given and the advertising revenue networks have to recoup, I suppose I understand why that's that foolish wish on my part.