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Posted by Mynoriti, Wed Nov-28-18 02:04 PM
>What was that oil Don Neto was smoking at the end?

I'd have to look again but I assumed he was freebasing

>Did the
>boss set him up just cause Don Neto was saying he's greedy?

Neto seemed pretty loyal. I don't think it was anything personal, but I figure Miguel had to give up someone huge in order for this to work, so he offered up Neto. Neto saying something like "he made his move" seemed to indicate he knew it was all in the game.

>Miguel pulled some super boss moves in that last episode, the
>military scene and the head in the box. I feel for Kiki's

That shit was nuts. The governor's kid looked up to Miguel and Miguel looked up to the governor like a dad so that revenge move was ruthless as fuck. (didn't really happen tho)

I don't know how much is fiction/fact but Miguel on the show was kind of a complicated character. Through most of the season, he doesn't even seem like all that bad of a guy. Or at least he appears to have a conscience. He's loyal to a fault to Rafa, he had these impulsive rage fits where he killed people who kind of had it coming (like the DFS guy), but in the end he turns on everyone who was loyal, or closest to him. The governor's kid, Isabella, his wife, Neto..