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Topic subjectI was locked in from Episode 1 onward
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732666, I was locked in from Episode 1 onward
Posted by Amritsar, Wed Nov-21-18 11:39 AM
This kinda snuck up on me. Didn't see any advertisements for this? No previews or heads up that a new damn season of Narcos is coming

I just happened to find it while scrolling the other day.

I knew about the history of Keke Camerana, so that drew me in quickly.

The accents in this season also feel more authentic. Not every Sinaloan cartel member nails the accent of course (Neto sounds like he's from Chihuaha lol), but at least they are all doing some variation of a Mexican accent.

It was difficult at times to get into the Pablo seasons because he sounded Portugese lol. Didn't ruin it for me, but it made this new season way more authentic.

Diego Luna as Gallardo is your favorite Padrino's favorite Padrino