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Topic subjectI finished it this evening...
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732622, I finished it this evening...
Posted by Creole, Sun Nov-18-18 09:19 PM

>Diego Luna is so good in this I’m concerned about them
>pulling off the transition to the other bosses. You know who
>is already in this but is the actor strong enough to carry the
>show when it’s time? Time will tell I guess.
Diego Luna kicked ass! I have no clue if that guy is going to be strong enough. Looking at him, I don’t believe so. Maybe, he’ll surprise us.

>Btw does this mean there will be two Narcos shows running at
>the same time? If so I’m in.
I think they’re done with the Colombians for now.

Edit: The actor who played Don Neto was the second best performer on the series.