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Topic subjectThe scary for me was how tragic it was
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733509, The scary for me was how tragic it was
Posted by Paps_Smear, Thu Feb-07-19 03:16 PM
The tone of the whole book just made you feel how dark this thing was getting the deeper you got into it. He tried to do all the right things and it ended up being so wrong. Dude had a great family and really meant well but it all came crumbling down on him, and the burial ground was the force that kept making people do the unthinkable. Judd told Lewis about it in the first place because the burial ground wanted him to. It's like a calling that causes people to do the unspeakable.

Not sure if you seen the trailer first but if you decide to watch you'll know what I mean when I say they shouldn't have spoiled that. Would have been an "oh wow" moment for those that are familiar with the story.