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Topic subjectfunny, I thought the book was more tragic than scary
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733508, funny, I thought the book was more tragic than scary
Posted by BigWorm, Thu Feb-07-19 02:47 PM
And I read it as a kid. Looking back on it, I appreciated more as a story how far a man will go to save his family from mortality, and the dark consequences.

Evil cat, evil boy, all that shit didn't really scare me. Although I was kind of impressed/disturbed at how well King developed his characters, only to kill them off. Like, you really want everyone to make it out alive and them.

But I'm into it. I dig this Stephen King cinematic revival going on. I only wonder if they can really play up the emotional/psychological element to it, since by today's horror standards the body count is a little low. I feel like they have to hit a Hereditary level of creepiness to make this work.